Tracy Stropes, M.A., RPA

Senior Project Archaeologist

Mr. Stropes is a professional archaeologist with over 21 years of experience in cultural resource management. His experience includes over ten years in project management, report authorship, lithic analysis, laboratory management, Native American consultation, and editing for several technical reports for numerous projects throughout southern California.  Mr. Stropes has conducted cultural resource surveys, archaeological site testing and evaluations for National Register eligibility and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance, mitigation of resources through data recovery for archaeological sites, budget and report preparation, and direction of crews of all sizes for projects ranging in duration from a single day site visit to one year.  Mr. Stropes is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and on the list of archaeological consultants qualified to conduct archaeological investigations southern California.  He has served as project archaeologist for numerous projects and composed data recovery and preservation programs for sites throughout California for both CEQA and NEPA level compliance.  He has acted as teaching assistant for archaeological field classes at several sites in Orange (Cypress College), Los Angeles (Cypress College), and San Diego Counties (San Diego State University).  In addition, Mr. Stropes was employed to teach discussion sessions for introduction to cultural anthropology classes at SDSU.  Internationally, Mr. Stropes has acted as field surveyor for the Natural History Foundation of Orange County & Institucion Nacional de Antropologia y Historia surveying and relocating several sites in northern Baja California.

As project archaeologist, Mr. Stropes is currently responsible for coordinating and directing field supervisors and crews for inventory surveys, archaeological testing and data recovery field efforts.  Mr. Stropes has authored and contributed to numerous cultural resource management technical reports and has participated in a number of small- to large-scale archaeological investigations for federal, state and local agencies, as well as for private industry projects.  





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